Star Citizen Org Now Open – JOIN ME IN SPACE // The NoiceGuy Private Military Corporation

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My friends and I have been building fleets of our own for years. Star Citizen is finally starting to look more and more playable so I think it’s time to start getting organized.
The fleet you see below represents my fleet combined with 6 of my closest friends. This is the backbone of the organization as of right now.
We will be guns for hire but only for the “Good Guys” if you guys want to go do pirate stuff you’ll need to have second accounts or something as we want to ally up with the military and have good reputation.
We will need everything from fighter pilots to foot marines and then we’ll need industry workers to help support them. Whether you’re a space tow truck driver, pilot, miner, crewmate or marine we could use the help.
This is to gauge the following at this time as we do not plan on being significantly active at the moment due to Escape from Tarkov being the Priority and Ashes of Creation going into Alpha. However if you’re interested in having a significant role in the org, we’ll need to trust you and trust takes time. Joining earlier than later would put you in the best position to have any sort of authority or significance in the group.


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