Should Ashes of Creation have Automatic Moderation?

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One of my viewers cashed in 50,000 viewer reward points for me to do a segment on Automated GMing and how Ashes of Creation should handle it in the wake of the recent World of Warcraft automated bans. Staysafe TV did an amazing job of showcasing how little it takes to trigger the automated response, and what all of the after affects of that ban were. Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation do not plan on using this method of automated GMing. Instead, Steven Sharif the Creative Director and CEO plans on investing money from the profits of Ashes of Creation into the caretaking of the game, which includes having a staff of active Game Masters’ who can investigate issues and be more reactionary than simply a team who respond to tickets.

Staysafe TV’s full segment:

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10 thoughts on “Should Ashes of Creation have Automatic Moderation?”

  1. Auto Moderation is equally bad with language filters. In WoW the German word for "less" (weniger) was censored for reasons the English speaking reader might understand immediately. However, those who want to throw that slur out would just find creative ways to use the slur anyways.

    Such automated filters always filter both more than they should AND less than they should, because those filters don't understand context.

    However, an automated system can always be of assistance for a GM by marking certain lines and in case of a report coming in giving them easy access to chat messages that might be against ToS.

  2. Crucial for Intrepid to have active GM's. I do like those appearing in game and quick response. Maybe not the funniest job to have at that company but if they want this game to be healthy and not dieing in subscriptions then it is a MUST to deal with cheaters ASAP. For myself in World of Warcraft days when a GM chatted with me I almost felt like when a police stops you while driving. Eventhough you know you havent done anything wrong you get nervous anyway. Good video.

  3. 5:40 or chat spam filters could exits, for both typing too many messages too fast, and typing too many exactly same messages.
    type too fast -> diminishing return in chatting speed
    type too many same -> just outright silenced/chatbanned

    6:40 i agree, but they should also hire inhouse support team that specializes taking care just of the server(s) chat(s).it shouldn't be that hard to code interface that redirects every servers chats to it. the GM would be able to see everything, whispers, group chats etc.


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