Say Hello To The Ashes of Creation Desert, You Filthy Tulnar

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In this episode we discussed the July @Ashes of Creation dev livestream. We were shown the desert biome and surprisingly some Tulnar heads. What do we think about it? There is a whole lot of positive. Also we discuss caravans passing through deserts or storm areas and a tattoo artisan path. Lastly we finish with a class Dygz champagne story.

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The Ashen Forge: Episode 68 – Holy Crap, A Real Desert

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – The desert
09:30 – Desert crops
17:28 – Caravans in the desert
26:15 – Snail mount
30:12 – Tulnar reveal
39:45 – Empyrean update
42:25 – Ren`kai update
47:17 – Tattoo artisan
49:45 – Magical tattoos
54:22 – Stealing a boat in UO
55:20 – The Champagne Story


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