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24 thoughts on “SaltEMike Reacts – PVP DRAMA – Ashes of Creation Carebears Vs Griefers | Narc”

  1. I am a pvp player since Asherons Call and Everquest (a little UO). People please stop using PVPer, PKer, and Griefer as synonyms. Mike I think you did this as well here.
    PvPer = Character who enjoys and engages in Player vs Player content. Open world or not. Solo or group doesnt matter.
    PKer = someone who enjoys killing another to piss them off. Usually through unfair things like massive level/gear differences or while the person is AFK (their own fault here) or dragging mobs over enemies to weaken them before attacking.
    Griefer = Going far and beyond the PKer to someone who routinely targets a certain player or uses bad game mechanics to "cheese" their target. Think pad ramming in Star Citizen or abusing safe zones to freely attack someone who cant fight back.

    If Mike says he wants to have a PKer character. Understand that means he wants a character just to piss off someone and not for the joy of the fight. I dont think this is what you meant but this is how it will come across.

  2. It's not hard. FFXIV probably does it the best. Just create PvP zones. Places or events where PvP players can go to murder one another. Problem solved. I've learned that very few go to these zones/events btw because they know they can and will be facing players better than then. No one gathering, fishing, crafting, lower leveled, but legitimate stone faced killers. Suddenly PvP'rs aren't so open to PvP.

  3. Maybe the TERM GRIEFER & TROLL should be considered a SLURS to prevent people from using them to gain any form of "moral high ground" because it's OVER USED like calling people sexist or racist etc.

    it gives power to the perceived victims when they are fully capable of Avoiding it by not doing PVE in the PVP zones.

  4. i am one of those players that there is nothing that would ever engage in PvP. i normally just blow my ship up and move on. i care about lore and story that will be my focus in the game. i only care about money as in how it helps me move the story along. i have come to understand i'm stuck with PvP if i play star citizen but that doesn't mean i am going waste my time engaging in it. the only reason i don't just log out is because it take a short time to get back to doing what i want to.

  5. Just a couple of points to be made. Just keep in mind that the Artisan and Combat side of things are separate. You can be a level 40 blacksmith and still only a level 5 Adventurer. So jumping from one another may not be as quick as you think. And unless things have changed in the last couple of months, Ashes is not full loot. You drop raw and processed goods only plus the death penalty. You will drop harvested goods and processesed goods but no finished items. And since the game utilizes decay and repair, you will not be able to keep your weapons and armor indefinately. That Legendary or Rare drop will be going bye bye sooner or later if used.

  6. Old school chessy UO and if you have red PK's you have anti-PK's running around with PaxLair Rp people.. you can have an MMO with it all. I mean my old chest bomb/poisoner would be viewed so horrible these days… but who just randomly opens a box they find in the woods?

  7. Oh wow… you don't even know what PvP is about in SC. Attacks and kills should have a purpose, always. There is so such thing as "killing for fun" as the game is not your action RPG or arena shooter. Well…. you'll see what its going to be.
    And your lack of understanding of the general mmo genre is stunning. Using casual as if it was an insult, try to lift up PvK or PK to be somewhere above everybody else….. oh, man. Do you know that how successful an MMO is, is not determined by the handful of basement dwelling, sweaty tryhards and selfproclaimed PvP elite, its determined by the masses it attracts.
    I have played since WoW release on a PvP server because i wanted to fight the other fction… boy was i naive. They only fought low levels or solos in groups most of the time. Only very few have been "accepting the challenge" and were there to just ruin someone elses day, by farming their grief. And that is called griefing. At somepoint even the most noble protector of the weak, grows tiered to respond to every highlevel ganker in lowie regions and gives out "log out, play another character or change region" advices.

    Because the amount of those toxic griefers is maybe not that big, but they are incredible endurant being an asshat in the game.

  8. I am the boomer responsible for ALL the "braindedery".
    I was a carebear extraordinaire in my early days. While I prefer the pve and peacful path I will engage if required. I will also pick the resolution I think bothers the antagonist the most be it pounding on them when they are unprepared while in thier blend in mode or combat logging just to piss them off. Ban my acct I will make another.. I dont care.
    It is very amusing to me that all of you want rules to suit YOUR own style of gameplay and you all go crybaby when someone breaks your expectations. The unwanted PVPer cries Boo hoo, he combat logged and the Miner cries Boo hoo he attacked me and I was minding my own business.. Y'all need to grow up and adapt to the game as you encounter it.. or go sit on a stump and cry.
    In SCs case you all call it a sandbox. Well everyone has a right (if they can defend that right) To build whatever misshapen pile of crap in their space in the sandbox they want to. Unless you just want to dictate to the sandbox?
    I just figure since you are addressing the subject this would be the place to mention it.
    Ashes looks cool and it seems like a good system. As always, thanks for the video.

  9. The risk/reward for doing a caravan is time. The use case of a caravan is to transport between nodes which could take 5+ minutes on average of travel time. A caravan can carry 100X the amount of stuff a player can carry in their inventory/person. So the reason to use a caravan is to move a huge load of stuff and take the minimum amount of trips. Now the reason to attack a caravan is to get stuff.

  10. Did he just say Lineage 2 created the flag system? Ultima Online had a red/flag system and it was perfect. A group of guys all rolled an identical character with an identical name(radical, right?) and tricked me into attacking them so that I was flagged and they could freely murder me. 10/10. Best death I've ever had in any video game.

  11. PK'ing just for an adrenaline kick isn't healthy and is usually dependent in the system providing a level of anonymity to both the killer or the victim. If the system provides consequences for wanton killing its liable to survive longer if it provides the risk the Pk'er seeks but provides avenues to victims to take steps to protect themselves. PK'er anarchy is not a sustainable system.

  12. Pkers have never needed any incentive other than being able to kill someone. The pkers that is motivated by the players loot or a money reward is a myth.

    I feel very much like sc is currently more Warcraft at the moment because there’s no death consequence, people with paid for ships and lti can literally just lose ships all day long with only a time penalty which they get around by buying more ships.

  13. This game would be 25% better with one simple change. The mounts movement not moving like a paper cutout on a stick. It's not a big deal but dear God how hard is it to make mounts move like in Witcher. Hell even Skyrim mount moving would be acceptable.

  14. Both SC and AoC are trying to tackle griefing in their own ways, SC with law and AoC with clever flagging systems. Time will tell which one does it better, but I think both could take some pointers from each other.


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