Reacting to "Don't Believe The HYPE – Ashes of Creation" via Asmongold

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Reacting to “Don’t Believe The HYPE – Ashes of Creation” via Asmongold


2 thoughts on “Reacting to "Don't Believe The HYPE – Ashes of Creation" via Asmongold”

  1. As a kickstarter I am very disappointed. A cash shop for cosmetics keeps it limping along. Tests are spotty with unreliable servers, very low frame rates, and killing fields in noob zones. The whole naval content expansion reminds me the Tulnar prospect – a bridge too far in an unachievable promise before launch. Prognosis – fail after one year after launch. Saying it's better than WOW or New World is a farce. Those AOC hype folks are called white knights with good reason. They should have simply been realistic with constructive criticism. In my opinion, the mechanics doom the game, having been involved and snookered for five years by a vitamin salesman. Be safe. Skafftaruss.

  2. 1rst: the game is in super Alpha its supposed to be fucked, its basicly on the drawing board so judging the game in its current state is beyond stupid, like so fkn dumb. 2nd They are using the unreal engine, graphics look great, so does the world. 3rd The game play as a whole with all things being in the game and having players react to the entire experience is the only way to have a solid opinion of the game. 4th The game has the correct staff with the correct mindset to make it work. This is usually more important than anything when building out a project. This game has a high likely hood of being one of the top 3 MMORPGS out, if not the best, in terms of it failing as a game in the MMORPG market, very low probability that would happen at this point.


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