Ranger Showcase – Ashes of Creation September Update

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The Ashes of Creation September Update was a good one. I want to give major credit to Steven. Back in June he looked at my melee combat review and it wasn’t exactly what he had expected of me. That’s fine, not every video a creator does is going to be loved by the studio. The great part was he clearly watched it and listened to some feedback I provided. The tab-target part of the community was a little concerned after the June video because of the lack of really showcasing tab-combat. This month however, they made sure to do a very good job of showcasing both the Tab and the Action styles of the combat. Now, some of the more “skill ceiling” Action Players were upset that the game looks more like GW2 and ESO instead of BDO and New World.

To see the entire ranger demonstration check out the full video at: https://youtu.be/0257a-goFwE

June Melee Combat Review: https://youtu.be/EvebuZNdl1k

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18 thoughts on “Ranger Showcase – Ashes of Creation September Update”

  1. Yay! Was waiting for this video and it starts with a very interesting clarification. This one is going to be good!

    I'm very much in the BDO/new world camp and I liked it. Short bow combat style seems perfect to me, it actually reminded me of BDO pre awakening ranger. The long bow looks great too in the tab target part, just hope to see some skill augments that make you aim and extremely long distance shots.
    edit: the video repeats itself?

  2. If you can now only change your secondary class choice in town, do you think he is getting away from the "quest to change" type to just "click and change" type similar to archage. I really hope you can change your secondary quicker and maybe have a cooldown period to change into a different class rather than the "quest to change".

  3. As a planned fighter main archetype player, I am concerned for ranged archetype primaries with ranged projectiles, both from bows and magic. My concern is if projectiles in both action and tab mode can be blocked by obstacles, it's going to make melee just simply wait out their cooldowns for their gap closers behind cover or even shields (depending on how shields work). If they are going with the Runescape combat triangle, where Ranged bow projectiles are much stronger vs light armor vs heavy etc.. I think that's fine if that is their intention though.

  4. Haven’t watched the video yet, only 2 mins in but want to say projectile (regardless of aim style) is absolutely the way to go. The game feels less fake that way.

  5. Third of the way through video I can tell you why people weren’t too happy about the action side. It’s because they looked like they were pulling a GW2, meaning in “action mode” the game is pressing the tab key for you secretly just by you putting your reticle anywhere near an enemy. The difference here though is you still aren’t guaranteed a hit, because the ranged attack will be a projectile, so it can miss. You basically have a very very forgiving “aim-assist” like console players have in FPS games. Now, what I wanted was projectile and actual skillful aim. But, since I’m not an idiot and I know this game is meant to be hybrid combat so players of both sides can play together, I’m able to compromise with a system that is projectile based (and thus can have true dodging instead of dice roll dodging) and an aim assist action combat, just as long as it’s not “secretly still just tab but the game presses tab for you” I’m good.

  6. Love the video. Seems to me like th action community wants to the ability to crit headshots manually and no tracking/homing of projectiles or a loose amount of tracking. Personally still enjoy the ESO play style, even if it's not pure action combat.


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