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Alpha 2 may be a lot closer than we originally thought. Tons of new features and content have been shown to us over the last few months and we now know when we will see our first class kit (archetype) since Alpha 1. Steven just couldn’t help himself giving us another leak to eat up.

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12 thoughts on “Ranger Reveal Date CONFIRMED | Ashes of Creation”

  1. As someone who has a major ranger boner i am very excited to see how ranged will work. In wow i mained hunter (shocker) and loved the class fantasy. In New world i wanted to be a ranger type, but with how arrows had travel time and were not homing or anything it was very easy for players to dodge my shots and make the bow feel almost useless.

    I hope with a hybrid combat system we will see normal arrows home in on target and bow based abilities where you have to aim. I think that would be really nice to make rangers feel strong without the draw backs of not being hit a damn thing because players are lagging around thanks to servers taking a crap. Im looking at you New World wars.

  2. Not that it's important but just fyi the level cap in Alpha 1 was not 10 it was 15 or higher I think. I got to 14 myself, I couldn't play more though as I was busy.

  3. Evey since the last update showing off the new melee conbat, many felt that ranged attacts were just around the corner. For me I feel the animations are eadier however the entire system may be harder to implement. Glad they are comming sooner than later.


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