RAIDING in Ashes of Creation Could Be Fun, Here's Why

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Intrepid Studios is doing some interesting things in the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation with raiding. As much as I like to voice my concerns about this topic I also need to talk about my excitement. There are systems being utilized within its raids that could make the world incredibly dynamic and create one of a kind experiences.

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7 thoughts on “RAIDING in Ashes of Creation Could Be Fun, Here's Why”

  1. Glad to see the open mindedness you have with this video. I will be raiding for the first time with Ashes or try it out, the savior for me is that each time you face a boss it has multiple AI tress to choose from so each fight won't be the same, and that gives me hope. I just want alpha2…lol…to test and test and test all these systems, and since it's going to be persistent till launch..I will make a toon for each class just to see how they play. Keep the vids coming! You got a sub from me!

  2. What has happened to many of the raids in past games is the local guilds coordinate and set up schedule so you won't have the drama on every raid. One will do it monday, another tuesday and so forth, especially with guilds that have treaties. No one just gets a group together and hits a world boss, preparations must be made.

    Another point are the nodes. We can consider them as home and many of the raids will be close to home. I don't see 40 players getting on ships, fighting across the ocean, fighting to the raid, then completing the raid without either outside help (escorts) or preparation. Seems like a lot of work when there are raids with simular loot closer to home.

  3. Because you drop that shit on death 😂. I’m interested to see how many different ways the bosses can adapt, easy medium hard elite? Etc. Also, I like how the ever changing world will bring forth constant and a variety of bosses. Pretty cool, good video!


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