Quicker Isn't Always Better In Games // Escape from Tarkov // Ashes of Creation // Star Citizen

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Everyone has their own interests and go through their own phases in life. If a game is difficult then the developers have a reason for it. PLEASE stop trying to make it all change for you and spend the time trying to adapt or find another tree πŸ™‚
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11 thoughts on “Quicker Isn't Always Better In Games // Escape from Tarkov // Ashes of Creation // Star Citizen”

  1. I'm going to move all my "General Gaming" videos over to this channel while I wait on partnership to come through. I also fixed my stream setup so livestreams soonTM πŸ™‚

  2. I know the creator of AoC. Its going to be the best MMO. Back in the day we played Lineage2 retail and nothings ever brought him that satisfaction to date, so he just made one that will include the best elements of every mmo and more to date.

  3. I think slow progression is important to the core gameplay loop which is why it took me 3 months to level 37. I think it should be noted you can take it slow, your not trapped in whatever the game devs want you to do.

  4. Funniest thing about star citizen is that because it’s an older player base there are many people legitimately worried they won’t live to see it released


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