Quick MMORPG News: Awesome BDO Sage, New World, Star Citizen & More!

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We take a look at the new updates for MMORPG / MMO games including Star Citizen, Ashes of Creation, New World, Lord of the Rings Online, Black Desert Online, Albion Online, Astellia Royal / Astellia Online.

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Black Desert Online / BDO Sage Class Gameplay, Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 delayed, New World new content, Lord of the Rings Online / LOTRO new expansion/update, Albion Online new Content, Star Citizen earnings, Astellia Online and Astellia Royal Steam

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  1. Astellia Royal is mostly negative on steam cuz of few errors that prevent ppl from playing it… once you get past that usual f2p shit (errors and usual things that follow f2p tagg) you would be surprised by the game itself. If publisher/dev team would actually show a bit of common sense they could make this game go places…


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