PVP DRAMA – Ashes of Creation Carebears Vs Griefers

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PVP in MMOs has always been a contraversial topic and Ashes of Creation has always pitched itself as a PVP MMORPG.In today’s video we’ll be discussing the recently announced Dev Discussion that has caused a massive split in the community.

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There was an intro planned… but a nearly 20 minute video plus some IRL issues slayed me… so i guess i’ll use the planned intro for the followup vid to this next month!
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31 thoughts on “PVP DRAMA – Ashes of Creation Carebears Vs Griefers”

  1. I don't like PVP and I am afraid that many players will form a kind of alliance to gunk other players that want just to play the game… if their game will be focus on this aspect, they will take so many stuff from other players that, even if they loose their gear once, they probably will have enough wealth to replace it… probably easily… I am afraid that this game will become another Albion Online… a game that in general I like but I don't play due to the disgusting aspect of PVP in the game… Thanks 😀

  2. Gathering and pvp can co exist (Like in Albion) but the game will never be popular.
    If you're totally ok with playing a game that have to sustain on a small playerbase, it's up to you and Intrepid

  3. I just don't like that you drop double the materials if you don't fight back. I hate PvP and would never fight back because i'm a casual care bear lol. It would just suck to travel an hour to find some rare ore and mine all day to get ganked and lose 4 hours of loot.

  4. There is a great example of "open world", as it were, pvp existing with gathering to great success that is rarely if ever mentioned, Eve Online, and it doesn't even have any sort of 'corruption' mechanic to it, (well in LowSec anyway). That is where Corporations (Guilds) come in, and look out for and protect each other while gathering. That maybe what winds up happening in AoC, and becomes yet another enhancement to the social aspects of the game.

  5. A MMO doesnt have to be for everyone aslong as the ones it is good to play for have fun if people dont like open world PvP dont play it and play something else … but dont start whining about how the game should be perfectly fit just for your gameplay when 100000000 people like it allready as is

  6. im mainly a pvp player in games, i didn't like ff14 too much because it didn't feel flexible enough, but i wouldn't go so far as to claim they dont have any skill. some of the coordination they do at end game content does require skill

  7. i dont think im apart of either the carebears or griefers, i am 95% of the time the hunted when it comes to games where there is risk vs reward (take Oldschool Runescape) for example.
    i play an ironman, i benefit a big fat ZERO from pvp, BUT, i enjoy having areas where there is High risk VS High reward. going out in the wilderness to hunt for items from bosses or resources are 1000x more exciting to me than it would be if it was 100% safe and comfortable, this could have to do with me starting playing MMORPGS long ago and the fact that i have made thoughtful steps in my everyday life to be able to enjoy my hobby (gaming) perhaps more than others. issue is that people see forced PvP zones "wastes their time" or isnt "Efficient" which is an absolutely horrible mindset to have, especially when you are gaming and it is all but destructive to the entire scene. thats a mindset that i personally think should be completely ignored.

  8. The problem with node wars is it always ends up with 2-3 massive guilds controlling most of them. So if you are not part one of these guilds, tough luck, you don't get to take part on that aspect of the game.

  9. Narc, video ideas: tradable vs char bound items.
    IMO everything should be tradable, nothing (or almost nothing) should be char bound. This has a huge effect on the economy, so lots to talk there.

  10. I think the best open world pvp I've ever seen is back in Aion. You had specific zones that the other faction could invade into so you always needed to be careful in those zones, but also didn't need to worry about so griefers trying to kill you in your own faction.

    Ashes of Creation's PvP sounds like a cluster fuck that I want to part of.

  11. I killed someone a few times in A1, he was spouting trash in the beginning zone via yell and wouldn't STFU.
    The DEVs asked us not to go red, but fuck that, he deserved to die.
    And Die he did, a few times. I got him to STFU after about 30 minutes. "That learned him." … LOL
    I got asked about it be a DEV and explained it, and was exonerated/absolved from "any wrongdoing".
    I just had to work off my corruption. Gained a temp unofficial title too, "Defender of the Crossroads", GLORY!
    (generally I've kept this to myself, but I am SUPER Excited for this vaporware to smoke the competition.)

  12. A certain WoW private server solved this issue perfectly. While in a main city, you can choose to either leave into the world in PvE mode, where you can play safely and dont need to fear ganks. Or you go into PvP mode, get additional rewards and bonuses for your tasks, with the added risk of getting attacked. Giving players a choice is the best solution imo.

  13. Albion online is probably the best example of pvp players and farmers coexisting in mmo

    Game is kinda full loot
    And nothing spikes adrenaline like getting out of a sticky situation at the end of a farming session

    People who wanna farm players are always free to do so but it's not "you can't run" sytuation… As long as you let farmers have escape tools on the ready (smh like a potion of invincibility or a practical dash on farming tools idk) you can make both playerbases coexist in a simple pray VS predator environment where neither side can just autopilot and do their thing (personally I liked having to be always somewhat wary of my surroundings in Albion)


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