Problems with Standard Loot Systems – Ashes of Creation – Loot Ninjas & Drama – What Will Work?

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This video is an in depth look at loot systems and how they will work in #AshesofCreation. We will use information from the #AlphaTest as well as what we have been told by #Intrepid and Steven Shariff. The goal is to bring up as much relevant information as possible in order to understand how loot will work in Ashes of Creation. As we were told in the last development live stream, Alpha is when the community can have the most influence on the game through feedback so let me know what you think in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Problems with Standard Loot Systems – Ashes of Creation – Loot Ninjas & Drama – What Will Work?”

  1. Numero Uno! Great job again Bardtic! Love the chat about the loot rules. I like the idea of the escrow system you mentioned. I think of the ones mentioned that 'will' exist as far as we know, need before greed tends to be the most common used with my parties (groups of friends who know each other).

  2. Played Lineage 2 for years and full random for random groups and "the leader takes all and then redistributes as required" for guild parties. With raid drops, the guild leader takes the drop and then gives it out to the leaders of most contributing parties. And then those leaders decide what to do with it.
    The system worked great and if you showed up to different events enough times to make your name known, you'd be pretty high in the loot queue

  3. I never really thought about it .. but idk how people will decide who gets what loot when loot will be materials used to make gear/weapons … do ppl who need an upgrade take priority or do ppl with the right profession take priority

  4. Hey… I mean. If I play a tank and a shield drops, then a cleric healer wins it. Maybe I should like.. Communicate with him and ask to buy it. Thats what an RPG is about. As long as the loot system is fair for everyone, then I don't see a problem.


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