OUTRIDERS HAS A MASSIVE ENDGAME! Endgame Explained! Expeditions Detailed| Outriders Demo!

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Today we take a look at the extensive and incredibly difficult endgame content for the upcoming RPG looter shooter, Outriders. The endgame is mostly focused on crafting and creating builds to progress through the expedition system, which is 14 new unique missions.
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Intro: 0:001:35
Pre-endgame Main Campaign: 1:362:12
Pre-endgame- Side Quests: 2:132:40
Pre-endgame- Monster Hunts: 2:413:15
Pre-Endgame- Crafting & World Tiers: 3:164:15
Endgame- Expeditions: 4:165:28
Endgame- Challenge Tiers: 5:296:41
Endgame- Difficulty: 6:427:10
Additional Features: 7:117:50
Outro: 7:518:06
Extra Expedition Gameplay: 8:0711:42
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25 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS HAS A MASSIVE ENDGAME! Endgame Explained! Expeditions Detailed| Outriders Demo!”

  1. Something I didn't mention in the video is that it seems like the expeditions are going to play something similar to a World of Warcraft mythic+ dungeon.

    It is timed and gives additional rewards for the faster you complete it, (capped to a point) it has a difficulty system that increases how strong the enemies will be, but also increases the power of loot you will obtain, and it seems to have a mix of bosses and normal enemies with different abilities and strategy's to beat them.

  2. Endgame is everything and It looks so fucking cool.I thought about devastator but shield filed seams useless in expeditions 😛 I will stick with technamancer I think …or pyromancer – damnn it so hard to decide XD

  3. End game difficult hahaha heres the what will probly happen. We are gamer's most of us will make builds that will break the game. I'm betting there's gonna be a lot of nerf this and nerf that.

  4. With this game not even released yet, expect bugs and glitches.
    I'm actually worried about that, because if it's supposed to be as difficult as you say.
    Imperfections will make those missions damned near impossible.


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