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Today we take a look at a full explanation for the crafting system in the upcoming RPG looter shooter, Outriders. The crafting system is extremely extensive and important for creating builds in Outriders, and is one of the most important features from the start of the game all the way through the endgame.
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Improve Rarity: 1:183:00
Raise Attributes: 3:015:31
Swap Variant: 5:326:51
Level Up: 6:528:30
Mod Gear: 8:3111:50
Outro: 11:5112:35
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12 thoughts on “OUTRIDERS CRAFTING SYSTEM IS INSANE! Crafting System FULLY EXPLAINED! Crafting Guide! | Outriders!”

  1. You can level up items to your maximum equipment level, which is determined by character level + world tier modifier, at least before expeditions. It's a permanent increase to the gear level you can equip when world tier is increased.

  2. Great run down on crafting. I'd just be happy if Singularity worked on my Grim Marrow legendary LMG. Its gotten to where I want to swap it out on day 1 for a different legendary mod. Have the devs said what specifically they plan to do about Grim Marrow and the legendary SMG that is also having problems?

  3. With the mix of class abilities, class trees, weapons and armor+ their mods, and the crafting system, Outriders is going to have a massive amount of customization and possibilities for creating builds.

  4. I think legendary will only have a tier 3 and 2 so you can’t have two tier 1 also recommend have video show where anomaly shards when you talk about it you had the skill respect system showing. But we are talking about thousands of builds not only that almost on the fly if respect can still happen anywhere

  5. Going to build a Whisper of the Worm on steroids!
    Has to be epic sniper
    One mod that freezes & 2nd mod returns ammo on crit…
    Gotta build my self a Lawnmower too!
    LMG 100 rounds
    Both mods gotta be a stacking damage perks…
    And I think that may be all I need.
    Legendary are nice but are set and can only add 1 mod, non allow for the combo I'm looking for… So they'll have to be a Epic with one mod I already wanted (Demigod roll's basically)…
    Build crafting is going to be broken in this game.

    Fyi there are some legendaries that can be created by upgrading… I was told (Improve rarity).

  6. Why the make this game 3 player but the got 4 awesome classes the could help each one together. Or where is people getting legendary equipment on this demo because I have been playing and I haven't see anything magnificent yet. The should open two more word tear on this demo to see the AI behavior and loot drop feel week.


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