Old vs New Ashes Followers – Comparing perspectives

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In this video I look at some of the insights and experiences from newer Ashes of Creation followers and compare it to veterans who have been following the game for years.

Thanks so much to Ardi, Zillin and Lex for helping me with this, you guys were amazing.
If you want to join in the development discussion here are some links:

Ashes of Creation Website: https://ashesofcreation.com/
Ashes of Creation Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfbi
Ashes official Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ashesofcre
Ashes of Creation Twitter: https://twitter.com/AshesofCreation?s=20

Ashes of Creation Wiki: https://ashesofcreation.wiki/
Ashes101 Website: https://ashes101.com/
00:00 Intro
1:07 New player perspective
4:50 Community impressions
7:28 Veteran perspective
7:52 New players asking questions
10:22 New players with opinions
13:07 Outro
Game footage used: https://youtu.be/V_hsJPB8y7k
Footage owned by Intrepid Studios, used under fair use for this video

Music: Streambeats by Harris Hella – Ambient Gold

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