NIGHT & DAY Difference! This Ashes of Creation Update Is Amazing

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47 thoughts on “NIGHT & DAY Difference! This Ashes of Creation Update Is Amazing”

  1. Every time i watch an update for this game i get an ever growing feeling that this game is just going to be another failed 'wow killer'.

    Like there are MMO's and then there are 'wow killer' MMO's, which are (at least in my puny brain) a very real MMO subtype. I don't like this subtype of MMO though and it saddens me.

  2. talkng sh1t about cleric cant wai to watch you raging on mass pvp we dont have healers!!!??? Asmongolg: Were are the clerics ???????????? 100% positive you gonna ask for healers. Clerics will be way more important then what you are saying

  3. When i played New World the campfire was like a town cooking station and tier was set at your campfire level so it was better than most towns for cooking once you leveled it up.

  4. The animations and how characters move look awful to me. This is a deal-breaker for me, I care even less about combat itself then I care about how characters move, how they feel.
    Make me love the character I play, and I'm yours. Otherwise… meh

  5. Game's probably gonna be great – im just so jaded on mmos these days.. Really having a hard time getting hyped about killing X and collecting X Yet again.

    Oh and the node system? It's probably gonna be great for that One mafia guild on the server who all account share with eachother – aka never going offline. We'll see.

  6. I understand what you meant by saying the moon looked artificial. It doesn't look like it's an actual object orbiting in the sky, it looks like they copy/pasted a 2D image into the sky.

  7. …You lifetime WoW players are so brain rotted. 1 month ago, it was all "OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD" "THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE AWESOME" "THIS COMBAT IS AWESOME", and now that Dragonflight is out and you are having just a bit of fun with a new Xpac, you're back to stockholm syndroming and now "it looks shit" "it's ugly" "combat looks bad" and I bet WoW is the best game ever again. LMFAOO. Ya'll addicted FR

  8. This game seems to be running into the problem of focusing too much on overworld graphics but not so much on combat or enemy design, leaving an overall feeling of blandness. Consider the two biggest MMOs WoW and FF14 and they just have an actual memorable style compared to this game so far.

  9. Looks great and seems to play really well already. This is pretty much what I have always wanted. Modern graphics, slower more deliberate "old school like" gameplay, huge world, lots of side stuff to do. Basically a better ESO which is again exactly what I have always wanted.

  10. I guess playing a lot of triple a games at 4k are making people more stupid, did they understand the changes we have been witnessing in games this new millennium? What kind of graphics will satisfy these stupid gamers that follow shiny things like a fly?
    Maybe they are really desperate to die and be in those fictional worlds.


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