Monday Monday Monday…. Ashes Q&A and Stream Raiders

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6 thoughts on “Monday Monday Monday…. Ashes Q&A and Stream Raiders”

  1. 48:27 Speaking from experience, I played WOW with a controller and so long as I got to map everything my way it was fine.

    BDO port was annoying because all the combat buttons where on the right side of the controller and all the movement abilities where on the left.

    Neverwinter is the gold standard for how to map your basics if the player can't change it. I even use it for other games like the ARK port because of the unchanged PC ui.

  2. if there wasnt the term fighter for another class I would call Tank Frontfighter…but its true..there is no term in medieval language for " guy that takes all the hits for his team"

  3. Age of Conan was a fun game back in the day ..buggiest MMO I ever played though. Also I hope they do good with the AoC Necromancer, love Necs. Undead, DoT's, and Lifetaps OH MY!

  4. You talked a bit about the conceptual world map, so what we see now is not final. It would be an interesting twist if they rotated the map 90 degrees CCW so the snow covered areas are then in the north.

  5. In the description you asked if you should rip the audio to make a podcast or continue doing the youtube videos. I like the videos. When you Bob Ross it helps to have the visuals, and I like reading the chat 🙂


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