MMORPGs Often Fail, Will Ashes of Creation?

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Let’s talk about some MMORPG history and some of the issues that caused them to die. With Ashes of Creation coming down the line its important to be aware of where others stumbled and fell. Together we will make this game a success!

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7 thoughts on “MMORPGs Often Fail, Will Ashes of Creation?”

  1. I saw a video where the lead at Intrepid said that Ashes is funded to completion. As they are an independent stuidio they are not beholden to any big publisher to rush a release of a half baked game. They are taking their time with it and are slowly contructing it. By the time it's been released it would have been thoroughly tested and had years upon years of development gone into it. Plus it will run on UE5 which will be fresh to the MMO scene potentially giving players a new 'high' of enjoyment.

    I'm not saying it will be good but there are a lot of things about this game which are very promising.

  2. It’s unrealistic to think this game will be anything more than niche, like you said. It’s just a game for the bandwagon boys to hop on and level til something new and shiny arrives. The only game that has the potential to really make an impact on the genre is the rito mmo, since they at least have a fan base who are loyal, and have an attachment to the characters/story already… otherwise they are fooling themselves if they think the game will be anything more than a niche game for a few servers worth of people long term.

  3. Almost all the games you mentioned were rushed out the door with poor launches. Without outside influences many of the prior proble.s to be less likely.

    I personally feel the nodes will regulate the level rate. You can't just grind to a high level within a lower level node due to the lack of higher level areas. I feel the best route is to put the node first, doing what ever it takes to level up the node then a player's level will come second. If you only focus on yourself it may end up being a frustrating experience.

  4. Feel like even with all it offers, its existence caters to older players, doesn't seem like the tiktoking 10sec video generation would know what to do or know how to handle something like this. Ultimately those younger gen. will be the players rolling into playing games more frequently when this game finally does launch. Probably be some new fad that will pull them away pretty quickly.


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