MMORPG News: Blue Protocol Release Date, Blade and Soul 2, League of Maidens, Project BBQ

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… Ashes of Creation revealed brand new gameplay footage for the Mage class, and finally, Blade & Soul 2 is confirmed for a 2021 release.. potentially Globally.


39 thoughts on “MMORPG News: Blue Protocol Release Date, Blade and Soul 2, League of Maidens, Project BBQ”

  1. Stix, somebody already asked for timestamps in the description, but would it be possible for you to chapter the videos? I intend to watch the whole thing, and I always do, but it would be nice when trying to go back and check something to know where it was roughly.

  2. I would love to play Project BBQ, Blue Protocol, or PSO2 (or any pc MMO) because I still cannot afford to buy a PS4, much less a PS5 😭😭😭. The only game I play is FFXIV and I absolutely adore it!!! I’m always looking for other MMOs, esp Mac-friendly games.

  3. so for an mmo I'd want it would probably be the new destiny 2 pack or release or whatevs because I've tired ff14 and I just can't get into it and most of the people I know play destiny 2 and I haven't been able to get as deep into it because of the fact thst there's like 40 more releases hahaha but it'd be cool to get that anywayysss I can't wait for blue protocol its ganna be great I've been scratching the itch for this kind of game with genshin which issssss definitely not enough lol but pso2 looks pretty great as well I think ill enjoy BP alot more it just seems more appealing to me but both are ganna be great can't wait thanks for all the info and congrats on the channel man its great to see a smaller tuber getting up there great job man

  4. If Wow Classic is really going to star adding the expansions then they better either

    A. Provide separate servers for the different expansions


    B. STOP at Lich King.

    Cataclysm is when WoW started to become a totally different game and it was the reason I quit back then. The second WoW Classic gets Cata is the second WoW is dead to me in all incarnations.

  5. Sexy ladies in games you can created as your own is slowly becoming a feature not in games anymore do to sjw influence in entertainment and it's awesome to see that sex appeal has not been left out of this game. I still hope the combat is enjoyable and the combat commands are not difficult to input that has a good story or that you can play online with friends

  6. Can I get BDO please….My free BDO on steam got a server problem again and this time, BDO support not even gonna try fixing it. Telling me to seek steam support for it, while steam telling me to seek BDO support. The launcher currently said invalid steam account, although I played the game before using the same acc. Anyone knows any solution would be helpful. Thanks!!

  7. For those coming for the Blue Protocol release: Confirmed 2021 for Japan. 2022 for other countries at the latest, but it's not unlikely for a western release late 2021.


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