MMORPG News: Ashes of Creation, Age of Water, Warframe, PSO2: New Genesis, Mortal Online 2 AND MORE.

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Lots of news coming in from some of the more exciting MMORPG’s in honest opinion, I’ve complied a small list of what’s been going on and if things go well I will continue this trend when it comes to MMORPG news, I often read a lot of this but keep it to myself so here’s to you MMORPG community, hopefully you find something you’d love to get into. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe if you enjoyed the content! Much appreciated, you’re all amazing.

Please feel free to comment, Like, and subscribe if you enjoy the content, I only plan on making bigger and better things and would love for you to take this journey with me.

1. Ashes of Creation.
2. Age of Water.
3. Blade and Soul 2!.
4. Life is feudal.
5. Mortal Online 2.
6. Warframe, Leyou, Digital extremes, mystery.. More on this soon.
7. Crimson Desert (Should I keep covering this?)
8. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

Link to the livestream of that down below for combat & gameplay.

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7 thoughts on “MMORPG News: Ashes of Creation, Age of Water, Warframe, PSO2: New Genesis, Mortal Online 2 AND MORE.”

  1. Let me know what you're most excited for, what you want covered and discussed.
    Are you interested in the new LOTR MMO but don't know much about the Tolkien universe during the second age?
    Let me know if you want to see a discussion of that too!

    Happy new year everyone, thanks for being here.


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