MMO Veteran learns about Ashes of Creation!

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Join Tom from BadCuzDad as he ponders the casual gamer lifestyle he has embraced! Can he ever conquer a “so called” hardcore game like Ashes of Creation again? Or are the days of open world pvp mmo’s behind him?

Ashes of Creation UE5 Walk-through –
Ashes of Creation Weather System –
Ashes of Creation Basic Weapon Attack Showcase –

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6 thoughts on “MMO Veteran learns about Ashes of Creation!”

  1. What are some of the best resources or content creator's I should check out to learn more about Ashes of Creation? What are some of the different systems I should learn about next?

  2. yea dude i just saw this game today on asmongolds channel i literally posted a video today about my wish list of new world (its so new the HD and 4k versions are still processsing lol) But the video i made is totally has things i want in ashes of creations some of the things i talked about are being made for the game which made me super pumped

  3. Just stick with GW2 and play WvW if you like open world pvp. AoC will most likely fail and if not i dont think it would be Dad friendly…GW2 already is.. why to migrate every 4 months to a diffent thing

  4. I think you would be golden in AoC. Be a raider. Attack caravans when and if you see them. Take on bounties and kill players killing other players. Really want to test you pvp skills join a pvp node and try for mayor of a metropolis. Don't have time to grind gear? Perfect almost everything is tradable. Not to mention the family summons system to soften the no fast travel for casual players.

  5. The beauty is that there will be no box cost, and no pay to win or pay to convenience. Get a sub for a few months and if you find that it takes too much effort you can always walk away. The one part I think you may find a struggle is the gearing…in order to put in a rewarding crafting system that is meaningful for players it has to be expansive and take time and effort, as such you then have to have gear earned thru raids or missions be equally hard to achieve. However…player skill will have as much if not more to do in being competitive in PvP as gear. The outcome of a fight won't simply be predetermined by the player with better gear (within reason).


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