Marriage System – DON'T DIE at the Wedding! | Ashes of Creation

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Mawage! It binds two people together forever. Beautiful wedding venue, tons of friends and potentially a huge PvP battle? Today, I want to talk about the marriage system in Ashes of Creation and what they can do to make it different from all other MMOs out there! If you like the video, then HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON, SHARE IT with your friends! Also, let me know in the comments if you like this kind of content in general. Subscribe to this channel for weekly Ashes of Creation videos every Monday at 10am Central! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you… in the next one!

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Brief Explaination of FFXIV Marriage System
1:20 Get Married anywhere… with PvP!
2:21 Making Marriage Different from other MMOs
3:03 Burning Discussion Podcast w/The Golden Feather
3:34 Keeping Ever-Green Systems Alive!
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3 thoughts on “Marriage System – DON'T DIE at the Wedding! | Ashes of Creation”

  1. This video was really fun to make and hopefully getting married in Ashes of Creation can be just as fun! What do you want to see in weddings in AoC? Would PvP be off the table for most of you or would be interesting to have? Let me know your thoughts down below =)


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