Mage Skills – Alpha One | Level 1-10 [Ashes of Creation]

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Mage skill page up now!

In this video we discuss the level 1-10 Mage skills that is in the current testing phase of Ashes of Creation. We look forward to all your thoughts! Share it all and we welcome you to join our community. Have questions or just trying to get better acquainted with things around the community? Stop by and say hi and share your thoughts or questions!

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6 thoughts on “Mage Skills – Alpha One | Level 1-10 [Ashes of Creation]”

  1. I wonder how Black Hole will be balanced for pvp encounters, especially sieges. ATM it looks like like a black hole specced mage will be required or atleast part of an ideal comp for a siege. And combined with Meteor strike players will have to be super conscious not to group up.

  2. I like the video for a beginner look at the abilities , or someone who wanted the information quick. You did a nice job expanding on the information provided in a quick look at the skills. Personally I like more in-depth videos where we pick apart the skills and animations, but I figure both kinds of videos have their place. So this is a great video if you just want to information fast.


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