Lost Arks Raid Patch delayed? Ashes of creation map + Thrones and Liberty News Gaming Podcast

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Salv: https://i.imgur.com/3wE65qa.png
Salvation ADV: https://i.imgur.com/ktULS0k.png
Dominion: https://i.imgur.com/KSdRNXD.png
Entropy: https://i.imgur.com/Nxgz0EN.png

Mayhem: https://i.imgur.com/yeM97gn.png

00:00 Intro
0:26 Lost Ark
25:15 New World
49:00 New Ultimates
51:00 WoW
1:12 Ashes of Creation
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21 thoughts on “Lost Arks Raid Patch delayed? Ashes of creation map + Thrones and Liberty News Gaming Podcast”

  1. Indeed, nobody wants to grind on 6+ different characters doing the same boring dull content to only gamble away for progression @ 2% or less chances at late game. The core progression loop of the game is bringing it down imo.

  2. new players should def get more freebies but its hard to be like that since we have such a bot problem like for exemple the new island my friends tell me they see hordes of bots there

  3. Bro seriously. what is with the audio balance? why even have him on the line if your not going to be abel to hear him clearly. Figure that shit out by next pod. I suffered through one not gonan do it for another.

  4. I like your idea about grouping dailies/weeklies on a few chars, but i do think it would have to be toned down with some diminishing returns otherwise 6 chars would rly make no sense at all

    Why split your investement on 6 chars if you can just have one 1500+ main able to do maxed dailies + bussing 6 times ?

    Would completely kill alt gameplay unless completely revamping it by making all progression systems roster wide while increasing their costs (which could be very intresting but not realistic so far from release)

    Biggest thing for me is that they should reduce Chaos and Guardian to one a day. That and triple the rewards of the first Una Task while removing everything but reputation from 2nd and 3rd & bringing all rewards in line.

    This way you can still progress different reputations as fast with the added benefit of having less rewards opportunity cost, while also giving people just in for vertical progression the option of compacting their gameplay loop

    Your suggestion on top would sound good to me, but then rewards should be toned down slitghty for dailies, and a lot more for weeklies to account for bussing

    Another solution for bussing could be to give it its integrated system that you could use one time a week, and make bussing outside of it straight up bannable

    (Like built in UI separated from classic partyfinders, options like no bidding / keep customers on spec mode etc, and integrated payement only credited on raid clear)

    This way you could just tone down raid rewards slightly as well since you couldnt abuse main stacking for bussing

    This could also mean we could let people run the raid several times a week for small extra rewards since (paid) bussing wouldnt be an issue anymore (yes, there could still be a black market at first, but you need highy invested accounts for bussing so a few bans would def calm people down)

  5. Would make even more sense to say "hey if you have characters, you have 6 entries per week, do them with the character you want, but your gold entry limit per week its 6 (6 argos, 6 valtan, 6 vykas, etc). THAT would make more sense and be more mmo alike than this chore stupid system.

  6. I am fine with having alts. It gives me variaity and gives me the incetive to play different classes. BUT the cost of gearing not only your main, I am fine with that, but gearing the alts is hella expensive. And yes doing the same content on every alt is not the best system.

  7. in general i like the x6 on one char idea, but you have to take into account one reason it's the way it is – is because it spaces out content throughout the week. If you were able to 6x on one character, 90% of the playerbase would do that day one of each reset, and throughout the rest of the week players who did not (or could not) meet reset raid timings will be SOL on finding groups since no one will be running their alts through the content anymore.

  8. That's lame they won't let you into the creator program. I guess it's because you're one of the few content creators that's not afraid to criticize Amazon. But I appreciate you always keeping it real. Love these podcasts by the way, does your friend stream too?

  9. i see it a bit different… my 6 chars are my main(s). I equip them with min 4×3 and i love every single one of them. To reduce the amount of time that need every day i do my daylies every second or third day.


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