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The best thing we can do for Ashes of Creation right now is not to over hype this game, but still root for it to be a good MMORPG.
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4 thoughts on “Join the Anti-Hype Ashes of Creation Squad Today!”

  1. Ashes of Creation looks like the bad version of New World we didn't get. Tons of ideas that sound good on face value but will crumble when faced with the reality of modern online gaming.

  2. I'm looking forward to it when waiting for ffxiv patches. Hopefully it's good! I knew new world would be garbage because of Amazon. I actually think AoC will be great

  3. The problem I have with ashes is the hype around it is so much that it's going to disappoint people no matter how good it is (could end crashing and burning as well who knows) not to mention the ideas/promises the devs made sounds ambitious probably too ambitious for the dev team to handle guess only time will tell


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