It is Monday! Time for Ashes Q&A

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I’m going to continue to push my Twitch Streams to YouTube.

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9 thoughts on “It is Monday! Time for Ashes Q&A”

  1. are not the cosmetic skins a full set without stats whereas in game armour is built by several pieces with stats as well as some cosmetic pieces not sets….cant have an exclusive piece if its available in a different colour for free … you wouldnt go into a car dealer and pay big $ for a ferrari in red when your friend can go in and clean 10 cars and get a ferrari in white for 0$

  2. would not building a set using ingame crafted and earned as rewards be more individually exclusive ? the ability to slot crafted /reward items as cosmetic items would be good as well as full skin jobs

  3. Hey Jahlon, question regarding the cash shop. Can I use my embers to purchase additional cosmetics in future months before the game releases, or are these only for in-game post-release? Thank you!


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