Is the Ashes of Creations MMO doing social organisations correctly? Full Overview!

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In the Ashes of Creation MMO, Social Organisations are a way Intrepid Studios intend for the player to interact with their world. In the video, I will give a full overview of all the important information you need to know about this gameplay system from the types to the benefits and even how a player progresses through the ranks. I think social organisations will be key for both PVP players looking to get into combat and PVE players looking to progress their artisan professions. I hope we get to see some new information on them in Alpha 2 and in the development updates.

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5 thoughts on “Is the Ashes of Creations MMO doing social organisations correctly? Full Overview!”

  1. So what do you guys think about social organisations in Ashes of creation and how they're implementing it ? Do you think they should add something else? Let me know in the comment section below, don't forget to Drop a LIKE and feel free to give it a SHARE.

  2. Awesome video..I'll probably try out the scholar academy to start off with and then see what the augments and other benefits it gives. I enjoy ranking up the with organisations like these in other games so it's right up my street

  3. Great video bro! I think AoCs direction of making in game communities more important than player ran guilds is a genius approach imo. This will (I hope) bring back the mmo world community feel that I fell in love with during Ultima Online.


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