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Processing is one of the three Artisan Classes in the Ashes of Creation MMO and is also a very vital one as it bridges the gap between gathering and crafting. In this video, I’m going to give you the most important information about the 9 professions you need to know when it comes to processing so you know what the basics of the gameplay when you play Alpha 2. Whether you’re looking to play either PvP or PvE this guide will help you progress.

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10 thoughts on “Is PROCESSING the best of the ARTISAN CLASSES in ASHES OF CREATION?”

  1. I really can't decide which artisan class I'm going to go with, I keep bouncing between them. First it was crafting, then when we heard about surveying I though that gathering would be great. But then processing sounds just as vital I'm going to have to test them all out in alpha 2

  2. This week we are getting into processing in ashes of creation, lots of info here let me know in the comment section what you think below ?
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  3. You always do such a great job of digging for facts and quotes on relevant topics from past streams and putting the puzzle pieces together from actual sources, while also framing the content in a way that inspires a level of thought and mental engagement from the audience.

    It’s easy for people to make emotional content full of opinionated rants and low-hanging hot takes, but you take it up a notch and should be proud of that. Thanks for making the videos that you do. Cheers!

  4. I always liked to see the finished product so I will most likely take up a Crafting skill. Also whst is overlooked by many is that Gatherers and Processors are subject to loosing a percentage of your items till it is processed. Sodeath Crafters won't drop items on so they will not be attacked as often.


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