Is Classic TBC ready? Lots of negativity surrounds it and Ashes of Creation is on the horizon!

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Do you think Classic TBC is ready for launch? There really is more and more negativity around various topics coming up by the day. With Ashes of Creation on the horizon could the negativity that surrounds it be detrimental to the sub count over the next year or so?

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21 thoughts on “Is Classic TBC ready? Lots of negativity surrounds it and Ashes of Creation is on the horizon!”

  1. When I play ingame I don't see anyone complain about the game that much , people are just playing and doing whatever. I dont think forums is the best place to judge how the majority feel about the game 😛

  2. Prot Pally, pretty happy with the spec and looking forward. Is it going to be a nightmare on day 1-3 yeah, but no more then it was when it originally launched. You cant fix a bad idea with a relaunch. The bad idea being everyone on a server in the same starting area. Once you factor that out I think we will be fine. Sure there are going bugs, I am not stressed out over it. They could spend a year working on this and there would still be bugs. I am happy to have the launch. Pre patch could have been longer but thats it.

  3. With the Cash-Shop bullshit coming, I decided to cancel my sub and i won't play TBC-Classic.
    The argument "it's just cosmetics" NEVER was a valid one.
    In a game where you spend hours upon hours watching your avatar running around, the "cosmetic" aspect is a very big part of the game.
    There's a reason people where grinding for Mounts and transmog-gear later on.
    Fuck Activision, im done.

  4. People complain to much. Nothing is perfect. Just take what you get. They will fix it eventually. So who cares? All of this nonsense of people cancelling their subs is dumb. They are just dumb. It literally does nothing. Cancelling the sub 100% does nothing for the game. Damn kids and their entitlements drive me fucking nuts. Just stay gone IMO.

  5. With Burning Crusade, rather than have us just answer ‘this is how it was’, the question is, well, what do you think it should be? And we’ll listen. Because ultimately, we’re making a game for the people that want to play it.

  6. Blizzard has become an utter embarrassment of a studio under Activision and I dream of a day that the two companies un-merge and Blizzard can start repairing this incredible damage they've done to their own reputation. The brain drain they're sustaining speaks for itself. They are embarrassing to work for so who would want to.

  7. 58 boost is pay to win. Oh but 'if it's there I'm going to buy it…. even though I disagree with it' looking forward to hearing that all of TBC. If you bought the boost you hurt the game.

  8. Shadow priest here, mindflay is still broken and doesnt do the animation when you clip them together. One week until launch, what a joke. Glad i pay 15 bucks a month for blizz do do just about nothing and spit out buggy ass, old content they had sitting around anyway.

  9. spitting on deluxe edition players is absolutely valid, i will never group with someone who has that mount. If you chose to validate Blizzard for their behaviour like this, you deserve to be ostracized by the community forever.

  10. Im loving it, the game is great people are just massive complainers-complain we don't TBC then complain when its release with a few minor bugs, its not like the game is unplayable by any means.


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