Is Ashes of Creation's World Further Along Than We Think?

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Anie made some awesome observations after the August Dev Stream and we have a feeling that Ashes of Creation may be much further along than we had previously thought!

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5 thoughts on “Is Ashes of Creation's World Further Along Than We Think?”

  1. Personally, I think you're overly optimistic about how much of the world they've completed. Steven said that the riverlands and desert would be the key biomes in alpha 2, and then he threw in "some badlands" and forest as an afterthought. This suggests that they're still working on completing the forest and badlands for alpha 2, and that the degree of their completion by alpha 2 is uncertain to him at this time. Also, since the tropics aren't being included (and they were in alpha 1), there's an implication that they haven't and won't have time to migrate the tropics assets into the new world map geography by alpha 2. So I suspect they have something like ~25% of the land area completed, taking into account the riverlands and desert, and all of the assets they've completed in the past but have yet to migrate into the world.

    I do think some of your optimism is justified though because they should be gaining in efficiency and pace of development due to their combined focus on developing tools (and other organizational systems to help streamline things that we don't know about), and their growing number of developers.

    But the big question mark hanging over this project is how far along they are with the development of the game systems, which is something they've shared very little about.


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