Is Ashes of Creation's Alpha 2 worth your TIME and MONEY?

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Obviously, the key question for everyone is when is Alpha 2 but we have already discussed that so in today’s video I’m going to …


11 thoughts on “Is Ashes of Creation's Alpha 2 worth your TIME and MONEY?”

  1. So this week's video is all about ALPHA 2 what do you guys think is worth it? Let me know in the comment section below if you will be paying into be a part of the testing phase, Don't forget to give it a LIKE feel free to SHARE it and most of all enjoy the video

  2. For me, I figure that Alpha 2 plus both Betas will be at least a year combined, so at $250, that's a little over twenty bucks a month. That's not even counting subscription fees at Launch.

    Testing the Node System will involve a lot of play, so it contributes to the success of the game, even if you act more like a player than a tester.

    I haven't Pledged yet, but unless something unexpected happens, I will Alpha 2 Ashes.

  3. I'll be buying Into Alpha 2 and testing it out not sure how much I'll play but I want to make sure I can get my feedback in and get some okay time on the game.
    brilliant video Dude! I agree with many of the points you made.

  4. Great video with some really good points! The value for money with the membership added on is actually really good. Loads of benefits and only those who are serious about AOC should buy A2 so we can ensure the best feedback

  5. I really want to buy into alpha 2 but I'm yet to do it but it is definitely worth the money that you pay due to the sub time and experience you get from playing the game.


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