Is a Sub Fee setting Ashes of Creation up for Failure or Success?

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Join Tom and Scott from BadCuzDad as they quite literally go back and forth on this topic! Will they convince each other or end up on the same side?

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14 thoughts on “Is a Sub Fee setting Ashes of Creation up for Failure or Success?”

  1. I'd happily pay a box price and sub fee to play Ashes, because it will deliver.
    But they want to make the game as accessible as possible, and that's cool too!

  2. Justified criticism of the cash shop – i think that it has in the current day a pretty good chance to pull more money in than a box price and without the p2w elements and unfortunately recent history has shown how people will buy anything even in mobile games!

    But funny your choice of wording was handy because steven has said himself i think on a q&a that gear is intended to be on par or better than shop gear. So if he is true to his word then there should be as good or better gear in game than what we have seen, and we won't see all pre release.

    So it is a big if! Lets hope they are true to their word but i think we won't ever be able to judge it truly until release.

  3. idk how many times Steven need to say this game it will not be P2win,game going the same way like GW2 full cosmetics shop and this is the best way you can go!

  4. You want servers overloaded with bots? cause thats how F2P works nowadays. you need a barrier of entry, even a small one to reduce those bots. Plus how else is intrepid gonna make the money when it's non-p2w. Yes theres cash shops but at least it's with cosmetics that you need to obtain the in game item before you can put the cosmetic on it. On top of that the ingame cosmetics you get will be on par with the cosmetics in the shop.

    half the MMO community will complain if its a box + sub, others will complain that its f2p, Sub based is a happy medium and seems like a win win.

  5. If a cosmetics cash shop is the compromise we have to make it's fine. Ultimately the audience that Steven has said he'd targeting with the cash shop is casual players who don't have the time to collect gear and still wants a way to look cool. If that is true it will be fine. I just hope the in game gear stays distinct and easily recognizable from cash shop cosmetics. I don't care if one is "better" than the other as long as it's distinct.

  6. When I was younger I outright refused to pay a monthly sub for a game, until it happened…Two week trial of star wars galaxies and the second I loaded up the game I could see that the difference between other games is staggering. It was the same for Runescape 2, Pay a monthly sub and the developers can continue to make content. I did not even care that I had to buy expansions for swg tbh at the time expansions where the norm not this dlc nonsense we have to deal with now.

    Cash shop games can be fun as long as people dont get sucked to much into the vanity side of things or we end up paying artists not developers which seems to be a common trap more publishers are willing to push onto devs "cosmetic cash shop" is fine they say. NO, sub is the best, always has been and always will be because the money goes to the people working on the game and keeps them employed.

  7. The Cosmetic shop is a touchy subject. Steven has said it wont be the best looking gear. I wish there were categories not touched in the cash shop so you would know it was earned.

    I also think the cosmetic shop wouldn't be so bad if all the gear was more theme based and not looking like competitive armor/weapons/mounts/etc. Examples would be gear that looked like the in-game races, holiday themed, gimmicky things like hobo armor.

  8. I really don't care about cosmetics so that shop is not an issue for me at all. And with AoC having one-of-a-kind items that 99.99% of people in the game will never even come close to – I don't really see how any kind of gear/cosmetic can even compare to the coolness of having that one item.

  9. Needs a sub fee, and I don't mind the cosmetic cash shop as long as it's cosmetic ONLY. The cash shop cosmetics can't be too crazy, and overshadow in game legendary items, or destroy the immersion of the game.


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