Iron Smithy explains ASHES OF CREATION!

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In today’s video, I’m going over everything to do with Ashes of Creation. From the world nodes, to the 100 VS 100 Castle Sieges and everything in between. as always if you have any questions make sure to ask in the comments.

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0:00 Intro
1:52 Ashes of Creation Character Creation, Classes and Skills
8:45 Ashes of Creation Combat and PVP Gameplay
16:32 Freehold’s and Housing in Ashes of Creation
19:19 Ashes of Creation Raid and Dungeons
25:58 Guilds / Alliances in Ashes of Creation
31:09 Ashes of Creation Mounts

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5 thoughts on “Iron Smithy explains ASHES OF CREATION!”

  1. Even with COVID, this is a 'long time in coming.' Transparency is relative. BLUF. Let's see server stability and frame rates. Also, noob killing zones – not a very good thing for PVX folk. Very common constructive criticisms. Tulanar and Naval content are interesting. Perhaps a 'bridge too far.' I suggest an expansion. IF Intrepid can solve the first set of challenges. Hurry! Be safe. Skafftaruss.


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