Intro to Corruption – Another Ashes of Creation DnD Oneshot

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An Ashes of Creation one shot DnD campaign where our players take on a couple creatures influenced by corruption. The idea for this one shot was to see what people thought about my idea for how corruption would work in this AoC DnD world.

Any feedback would be appreciated as this one shot was partially to test the mechanics for my upcoming project: an Ashes of Creation DnD Campaign setting. Also a good excuse to get community members together.

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1 thought on “Intro to Corruption – Another Ashes of Creation DnD Oneshot”

  1. Thanks for tuning in guys! This was a One Shot DnD session themed in Ashes of Creation. I will probably be doing a few more of these over the next month or two to test out certain mechanics and homebrew stuff. The ultimate goal is to start running a West Marches style campaign set in Vera. This adaptation is done with assets already in DnD 5e mixed with homebrew content influenced by what we know about Ashes of Creation so far. As we gain more information about the game, homebrew content will be updated and changed.


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