I went to the darkest corner of Ashes of Creation…

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Today we Recap some questions being asked on the reddit. Its a bit on the longer side, but hopefully you guys find value here. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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01:00 Question 1
05:45 Question 2
09:07 Question 3
11:43 Question 4
13:30 Question 5


8 thoughts on “I went to the darkest corner of Ashes of Creation…”

  1. For leveling also have to think of it less like Lost Ark and more like NW(not that it was great or the quest were good). What Im referring to with this is that there will be other things to do than just "hard grind" your levels. Crafting will be a big one that you can skip in favor of speed leveling but because of the impact of it in Ashes those players will prob have to go back and do it. So you can approach the game as a multi-faceted leveling progression not just character level which for me feels better even if the quest are kill 10 wolves.


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