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There was no shortage of new information to talk about from the August livestream. One of the biggest ones being that involving a big PvP feature that Intrepid has stood by since the beginning!

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Ashes of Creation is a new MMORPG that aims to bring the Massive back to Massively Multiplayer. It takes everything we love about the genre and brings it boldly into the future as a truly next generation title. From its vast crafting systems to world shaping Node systems causing each server to be unique. Ashes of Creation IS the next big MMORPG you should be watching for.

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7 thoughts on “HUGE PvP Changes Revealed! | Ashes of Creation”

  1. Just a note on Solo/small groups, yes they will prop ignore ships, but that will not stop them going over to the other areas, as there will be flying mounts or airships on pre-set routes that avoids the open seas.

  2. You said it. I'm not sure I like this as the entire sea being open PVP. Totall for Open PVP areas, but all of the sea means it now locks out any players who are more interested in PvE from naval content? That seems like a silly choice. I think they need to do some more thinking on this. For one thing, I would make it more like how we have 'international waters' – you go out far from shore, it gets dangerous. You sail fairly close to land, it's a neutral zone otherwise various nations may send pve ships after you for starting conflict there — unless of course a war breaks out in which case, it's dangerous to sail in a warzone. Imagine a player who works so hard to get their ship for that content just to enjoy sailing but they get ganked by pirate crews. I do hope they put more nuance into it than 'ALL OCEAN IS PVP GET REKT'

  3. Personally it makes sense to me. All the coasts are safe from PVP so a lot of the naval content is safe, and I don’t really think I want to feel “safe” as I traverse an entire ocean. I know they have giant ocean bosses/mobs but I think it would be great fun to worry about pirates etc as well.

  4. I think it's good there will be a truly open PVP area/zone, but I am happy they decided to make it the ocean, so I won't have to go too much out of the way to avoid ^_^
    Sure I will give it a try and maybe will enjoy some sea adventure from time to time, but I will mostly keep to land.

  5. I think with no corruption in the open ocean I would like a pirate hunter system like the bounty hunter system but instead of bounties being generated automatically through corruption. Have players be able to put bounties on others or add to the reward on bounties like crowdfunding. Let's say you go to the spot where you would put a bounty on a guy that's ganked you multiple times only to discover 15 other people have already put money on a bounty for them.

    I think it would balance itself out as long as there is a maximum amount of money, one player can contribute and The bounty hunters could pick their jobs from a list because they're way more likely to go after the guy that has a big reward because 50 people contributing then the one that's only got one or two people contributing.
    It also allows player driven regulation of the open ocean. Yes you could be petty and put a bounty out on your friend unless you're putting up a lot of money, it would be hard to compete with the bounty jobs where multiple people are putting in money.


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