HUGE COMBAT UPDATE! ALPHA 2 LEAKS?! – Condensed Ashes of Creation September Developer Update 2022

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Today I bring you the Condensed Version of the Ashes of Creation 2022 September Developer Livestream including some huge combat updates. Perhaps including maybe a drop of Alpha 2 leaks?

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6 thoughts on “HUGE COMBAT UPDATE! ALPHA 2 LEAKS?! – Condensed Ashes of Creation September Developer Update 2022”

  1. The combat looks great. Long bow VS short differences were nice to see. Getting that GW2 vibe with dodging and using terrain like rocks trees etc. to block range targets from hitting me. I would have liked it if Steven climb rocks to get the high ground on the mages. I would like to see fights were mobs don’t just stand in place until their encounter circles activate their animation. I hope to see them add trace mesh where they will be patrol the area and not just stanind still like statues. I would also like it if you attack one of the mobs the others will engage if they are in eye or sound distance of a fight. Body pulling mobs out of a group is ok but to have like 10 others just stand their while one of their number was picked off is not very realistic. You kill one of them and it cries out in death and the whole camp goes on high alert.


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