How will you grow your Skullbeard and can it affect combat in Ashes of Creation?

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In this episode we discuss more from the latest Ashes of Creation dev stream including skullbeards, naval content, enemy of the state, reputation, map density, housing, tents and gold selling.

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The Ashen Forge: Episode 72 – Once Upon A Skullbeard

00:00 – Intro
02:15 – Follow up from last week
04:50 – Players as content
08:15 – Naval content from Kickstarter
09:23 – Skullbeards
20:24 – Enemy of the state
23:08 – Reputation
29:35 – Map expansion
35:10 – Ship flagging
37:08 – Housing scarcity
42:16 – Tents
51:44 – Gold sellers
59:19 – Thanks for the community team!


3 thoughts on “How will you grow your Skullbeard and can it affect combat in Ashes of Creation?”

  1. Regarding gold sellers, I disagree that WoW Token or OSRS Bonds have eliminated gold buying. It probably didn't make it worse, but it didn't decrease "illegal" gold buying it too much either. If anything, it has set the price of gold so now the gold sellers know how much to charge. It's also basically P2W, because indirect P2W is the same as direct P2W, hopefully most people would agree.

  2. I hope Ashes does not become a stand arround at a hub city and teleport anywhere on the map game. Please no teleport stones, leave fast travel to those that can summon or teleport otherwise run or fly to your destination. Fast travel only steals from the in game world experience and makes content creators life easier by reducing dead time due to travel / corpse runs etc. which is why most of them support fast travel.

  3. Dygz is my homie.. of all the shows I watch, I would say you guys are the most laid back crafting oriented exploring type people.. and that is what I think is going to make this game thrive, so I have always valued your opinions over most. Especially Dygz. He reminds me of a lot of people I used to play with back in the golden era of WoW.. and I really hope there are many more like him in the world of Verra.. The game just isn't going to be what it needs to be whole if its nothing but pvp goons.


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