How to obtain the Slime Serpent secret Shadowlands Mount in Patch 9.0.5

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This video is a quick how to for obtaining the Slime Serpent mount, The only requirements for this mount are; Not be in a party or raid group upon entering and you only need to kill the 3rd and Last boss of the Plaguefall dungeon for the Curious Slime Serpent to Spawn 🙂 Thank you all for watching and I hope this helps everyone in their travels! Make sure to like and subscribe if you find my content useful and make sure to check me out on twitch!
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0:00 Intro
0:17 Trash skip
1:46 Domina Venomblade
2:41 Margrave Strada
4:12 Curious Slime Serpent Location
4:41 Slime Serpent Mount


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