How Much of It is Faked? – Ashes of Creation – Ranged Combat

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There’s been a lot of hype and excitement for Ashes of Creation’s latest game play teasers featuring ranged combat, but how much of it is just a show, and what’s really going on behind the scenes?

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15 thoughts on “How Much of It is Faked? – Ashes of Creation – Ranged Combat”

  1. Really good take! Maybe the persona of the happy go lucky newbie player is a bit more likeable for the masses compared to if he went in all tryhard.

    I think we forget that the majority of Playerbases are made up of casual players and explaining things in a way that can cater to that audience mostly is going to see a bit more receptiveness.

    All in all I was happy with the showcase and agree that I would be one of the people who probably would have chosen not to play a Ranger if it required good mechanical aim. Appreciate people out there want that, I am fine with skill shots etc. but that's just my take anyway.

  2. I can tell you why the birds didn't fly away. He used God mode to disable agro before walking over there. The birds have a low frame animation cause their aggro box is probably very far away. They must not have agro triggers that close for the scenary effect. My hunch. Notice when he walked away and back he triggers it.

  3. Of course he knows but as you point out, "playing ignorant" and letting the devs that actualy created the kit talk is a great way to introduce new things unlike a monolog. I thought everyone knew that, i don't get why u make an argument against him because of that. AoC is his baby, I think he is the one that know the most abt the game.

  4. I'm guessing the classes combining system from what they've described so far is going to play out in a similar way to archeage's skill system or ancestral skill system, in which skills get modified or their role get changed entirely based on the chosen element.

  5. I don't think we're going to get a full reveal on anything, Steven has said repeatedly that they don't want to spoil the discovery and excitement before launch.

  6. It's Steven's game so of course he knows how to play it. One thing I think you're forgetting is that this is a live stream on Twitch. In case you were not aware, a large portion of twitch chat, collectively, only just about have 7 brain cells to rub together. They have no understanding of context. Any sort of nuance or critical thinking is lost on them. That's why every stream, before Steven shows anything, he has to remind everyone again and again that the game is still in development and not a finished product. He needs to hand hold twitch chat through the demonstration in an easy to understand way. Despite his best effort to curb the stupidity, chatters will stop drooling long enough to type 'Looks bad KEKW' before sinking back into their energy drink induced stupor.


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