How Ashes of Creation Is Solving The Biggest Problem With MMOs

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Asmongold Reacts to Ashes of Creation update that could fix the biggest problem that’s been killing MMORPGs…
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27 thoughts on “How Ashes of Creation Is Solving The Biggest Problem With MMOs”

  1. Nothing in a MMORPG is cool or worth flexing with if it doesn’t cost an outlandish amount of gold or it takes a month+ of gameplay time to get. Let’s be honest, we are our own worst enemies when it comes down to it. No one wants to play a game where anyone can get everything🤷🏻‍♂️. As long as there’s some achievements/items that cannot be RWT’d (mainly the best ones) then I don’t think it’s a problem for RWT to exist.

  2. disagree with asmon. Personally fast travel did not kill new world, it was the sheer lack of content and repetitiveness of PVE and PVP quests. The only part i enjoyed was farming and running around the world because the graphics were good enough to accomodate enjoying it.

  3. This is gonna be a twitch flavor of the month, largely avoiding the gaming community that doesnt participate in the streamosphere. I hope it does well, but I don’t know a single human being IRL who knows about this game. A niche within a niche genre.

    /ok done hating.

  4. I would like to see them make a bus system in the game where from point A to point B, there are mobs and elite mobs along the way. Players have to perform as their duty to escort the buses that depart from their town. This bus has to be the only way to get to certain places which is going to pass through some of the most dangerous places in the game.

  5. Narc talks about important topics but then he makes claims that amount to "the devs today are too dumb or not talented or are otherwise unable to do X/Y/Z" or "they just don't understand the problem" or "they just don't understand how to fix the problem", often paired with the implication that Narc definitely understands how to fix the problems. How big does your ego have to be to make claims like this?

  6. I do use fast travel constantly in guildwars 2 and tower, because they are there. If base running and mount running is good speed I don't mind or if it's a gryphon system…eh that's fine often back when I played wow before ya know it wasn't dogshit if I had a long gryphon ride I used that for bathroom breaks or getting drinks or food lol I have likely less time then the average bear for games, that's why i own 2800 pc games and have maybe played 400 of them but is there really a need to mock speed run if a game is good, just play a bit and enjoy, then play a bit and enjoy. I feel Ashes "fast travel" is like pussy level when it comes to problems people will have. Restricting flying mounts to some top 1% or however it works will mke some leave. I have no idea on "difficulty" but people said Wildstar was "too hardcore" and they are pussies for it, I am not some god player and I beat that game (basically 100% story and all side content) on 4 alts, more then I've ever had maxed until recently with my 6 in guildwars 2 but that took me 10 years to do lol so let's see, restrictive systems to popular people or whatever, no fast travel, time gated stuff likely with nodes, and possibly a hard difficulty for some. I will play the game casual as I do all games and maybe have fun but some won't, I have basically god leveled Tower of Fantasy, now 8 six stars all relics at 2 stars or more, all zones 100%, all mounts but the pvp one because nah, my home place at level 5 so far and fully ready for the 2.0 stuff on the 20th. No money spent. So pretty sure I can work out anything Ashes throws at me.

  7. Fast travel is about respecting the players time, understanding that many, if not most, players are more interested in the activity they can do at the destination rather then the journey there.
    And especially if you have to spend 20min traveling ingame simply to play with your friends, then chances are you and your friends will find a game where you do not have to travel those 20min, the chances of that also increase if you have a limited time to play, "oh I get to run from point a to point b for 20min of this 1h I have to play, YAY" is something I find it hard to believe anyone would say.

  8. I have always stood by the obvious when it comes to boosts on how they put you in unfamiliar territory at a disadvantage and its overwhelming. I've played the game a lot and even boosting a toon myself can feel overwhelming at first. For a new player, it could be enough to just make them leave. First impressions are big.

  9. If you make your game SO GOOD, people will buy cosmetics and stuff that makes your game looks cool. On top of that, if you have a monthly subscription for the MMO, it shouldn’t be a problem if your game is good.

  10. The biggest problem with mmos is "boomers" like the guy in the video claiming "this is the thing thats killing mmos" when they are so out of touch and staring back wtih rose tinted glasses at all of the bull shit they think is what made things fun (why do you think people look at the screaming minority that is the classic andies with such disdain) and ruining any chance of something good coming out cause they squash it immediately with hate as it dosent fit into there perfect little fantasy of back when they were kids. Ive played since vanilla wow, Ive tried every fucking mmo on the market when it comes out hoping for something and not one fucking time was I like "you know what, fast travel is what has shattered my fun in these games and ruined them" one of the hottest and most idiotic takes Ive ever heard lol

  11. I think things should require some effort, thats how it gets rewarding when u finish. However it should be designed to be fun.
    Take Valheim as an example. Chopping trees, mining and carting things across the country is tedious as hell – but it was still one of my most favorite games because it was designed to be fun and rewarding.

  12. F all that boosting.. The games should be designed to where if you want to get ahead on a similar path to boosting, you should have to develop skill that allows you to acquire more exp faster.. maybe that is level and gear capped 1v1 challenges or something that proves you have individual skill and forces you to work on your individual skill. Sh1ttist part of the xp boost is a bunch of lvl 80 players that want to go dungeon raiding and they dont know wtf they are doing on Job that they just bought and legit have no reason to learn the Job so they just f-ing luggage..

    F all the teleports too.. There should one warp to cut the map in half, beyond that you should have to pay/farm to move like that AND your # of teleports beyond the main warp should have a cooldown that only rare RNG dropped gear can reduce.. Walk/Run ur lazy azz or farm something to move faster (move not warp) and be selective on where you are going to teleport since you only have 1-2 and they are on a cooldown..

    If I cant knock you out of the air then no flying mounts.

  13. Counter point to everything As says here:

    Why have any travel whatsover? Just have the entire game inside one 12'x12' room. Hell, go smaller and just give the player an entire row of buttons to smash, all labeled iWin.

    The players with the "I have much more important things to do with my time", no you don't. If you did, you wouldn't be sitting infront of your computer playing a game.

    If the playerbase wants a huge world but zero travel time, as a developer you've fucked up and courted the wrong audience.

  14. Game developer and CEO of a small gaming studio here.
    I would love to have you as an advisor to our first game if you're interested. We are currently in the alpha testing phases.
    Will reach out via other means, just watching this video, as I have many of yours, and realized you'd be a real asset to have poke holes in our game/gameloop.

  15. "Grinding is bad because for the sake if it" "convenience is good" well Grinding is not for the "sake of it" that is a fallacy, you grind in Elden Ring, if the combat is bad and the game lacks elements and mechanics, it's not the grinding problem. New world? New world grinding was not worse than WoW or any other game, could be better but it was not the issue, but in any case how do you play an MMORPG with no grind? what people call no grinding is either retarded quests (which you still grind the boring shit) or pay to win.

    Asmon defends boring theme park shit and pay to win, even when he says he is not for it, he does it indirectly, maybe it's a mistake he does not understand.


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