Guild Wars in Ashes of Creation | Reacting to @Ritchie SH

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Guild Wars! What are they and how will they be introduced to players in Ashes of Creation MMORPG? Today, I’m watching a video from RitchieST on Guilds Wars and how they will function in Ashes of Creation. I give my commentary on things I would like to see from Intrepid Studios regarding the Guild War system, how to start a guild war and how kind of activities we will be doing in game during the peak hours. If you liked me doing these reaction style videos, please let me know in the comments since this is the first one! If you like the video, then HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON, SHARE IT with your friends! Subscribe to this channel and thanks for watching! And I’ll see you… in the next one!

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What is Ashes of Creation?

Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMO experience. Our world structure is dynamic and built to react to the actions of our players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real time, players will have the ability to destroy what they’ve created, paving the way for new development, new populations, and real change. Political strife and intrigue will play a very real role in the structure of your world. Gone are the days of static worlds, change is here to stay.

Risk Vs Reward
All across Verra, you have the opportunity to experience massive warfare, participate in epic trade caravans, and gather valuable components to craft exquisite items. Not only will your fellow players be your adversaries; the creatures of the land and the very environment itself will pose a constant and fresh challenge. Will you siege castles to become royalty, defeat other guilds to showcase your prowess, shape the marketplace by being a successful trader, or earn renown by developing your artisan crafting skills? This is your story, you tell us!
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8 thoughts on “Guild Wars in Ashes of Creation | Reacting to @Ritchie SH”

  1. What do you guys think about the React/feedback videos towards other Ashes of Creation content creators? I had fun doing it and I'm looking to do a "React Friday" upload. So, I'll have my monday content (which is every two weeks), my wednesday content (the 1v1 Podcast which is uploaded every week) and hopefully if you guys like this on Fridays a "react friday" every week! Would you guys like that kind of schedule?? Let me know… =)

  2. Loooooove the idea of crafting a declaration paper. Would be cool to receive a declaration of war knowing that the opposite guild took the time and effort to craft it. Means they mean it ^^
    Can't wait for all the fun!


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