Guild Wars 2 Players' Biggest Concern when it comes to Ashes of Creation?

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Join Tom and Scott from BadCuzDad as they discuss one of Tom’s concerns with Ashes of Creation. Has GW2 spoiled MMO players with it’s insane Quality of Life features and respect for players’ time? See if Tom decides to man up and grind or if he’s a total care-bear?

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6 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Players' Biggest Concern when it comes to Ashes of Creation?”

  1. When you fie, the amount of xps lost will be encluded in the testing phase. I don't see you dieing and not being punished.

    If your group gets small, you can overcome that by purchasing what you need or join a larger group.

    Personally I expect solo play can only take you so far, thst is why guilds will so important in Ashes.

  2. The only thing I hope for is that Steven does keep the current design, just to see the reaction of the mmo playerbase. If it rejects the game completely – we'll know that oldschool mmos are truly dead. If it accepts and likes the game, but not to the extent of smth like WoW or FF14 – we''ll know that this kind of design is viable and we'll see copies that iterate on it. If Ashes somehow explodes so damn hugely that it overshadows all the current mmos (I consider this an impossibility) – well, then we'll have a new WoW on our hands.

  3. Any copies of Ashes will still take years to make. Also, they'd either be a cheap knockoff, or made by a large studio, which answers to sharehorders… sooo bring on the cash shops… blegh. The only question really, is will the game be good enough in the other areas to overcome issues a player may take with some areas. And c'mon, with no box cost, it's only $15 to try it out for a month. That's less than a movie ticket and a soda. There are punitive mechanics that many players won't like (and that I don't like necessarily), but I'm still glad they're there to incentivize participation in other game mechanics. Don't want to lose your player housing? Welp, better get your ass on the wall and defend against that siege. Looking forward to Alpha 2 however to see how many of these questions/concerns are answered.

  4. 2 Points:

    – The game will likely never be the thing a whole friend group is playing because its not for everyone. So its almost a given that of any particular friend group some will get into AoC and some not. I don't think Steven is aiming for the current meta of playing a game for less than a hundred hours and moving on. AoC is either gonna become your "main" game or not.

    – For me Quality of Life refers in majority to things like User Interface and not systems. If the Game makes you wait 2 hours to craft something then this is a system element. Someone intentionally programmed that in. "Respecting your time" != Quality of Life. But if the game for example doesn't let you drag and drop an item from one window to another. Then that is missing quality of Life. The devs didn't programmed that in. Another example would be you can't craft from your local bank storage even though you are in the same note. Still Quality of Life. But once you are out of the node it shouldn't let you because item storage is localized for the most part.


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