Graphics MATTER – Alodar reviews Narc's video.

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Alodar reviews the video by Narc “Ashes of Creation is Making HUGE Progress – But Where is the Gameplay?” Alodar gives us his opinion on whether or not Graphics matter in video games and explains why they are so important.

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2 thoughts on “Graphics MATTER – Alodar reviews Narc's video.”

  1. Many have the idea that the more realistic the reaphics the shorter the lifespan of them looking good then they refer to WoW's graphics still look good. But in fairness, for me, the graphics never looked good. A lot of color and decent animations does not a great game make.

    I would like the spell effect caps to be based on the numbers in a group. Raiding groups or seiges need to have lower effects than a solo or small group. Just as they apply a default character appearance for seiges the effects can be caped as well.


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