Get Ready for a Raiding Hell in Ashes of Creation

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Are you an MMORPG player that enjoys raids? I am. As a loyal follow of Ashes of Creation I thought it was going to have everything I was looking for in an MMO. Then I learned about the raids….

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4 thoughts on “Get Ready for a Raiding Hell in Ashes of Creation”

  1. The raid bosses are equivalent to the Archeage raid bosses, and it provided some of the most exciting content within the game. The archeage bosses had timed spawns or world notifications when they spawned, mustering your guild to be the the first to kill it was all part of the challenge. I dont perceive these to be 40 man raids at all – they are likely to be much much higher, your going to need either a very large guild or multiple guilds to take them down, and having pvp defence is going to be part of it.

    So dont view this as traditional raiding equivalent to WoW or wildstar, its the wrong footing to come from. Its not aimed at being a progression system and its certainly only for the top 1-5% of players in the game.

    8 man is not a raid its a group encounter, there will be plenty of difficult content for that number of players within dungeons and you can stick to that if the large massive battles are not your thing


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