Genuinely The Most Exciting Update – Ashes Of Creation Dynamic Seasons and Weather

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Ashes of Creation NEW MMO REVEAL: Dynamic Weather & Seasons
Today we are talking about Climate, environments and dynamic weather.
The weather system in AOC might be the first of its kind and it’s not here only for aesthetics.
Abilities and also professions (such as Farming) may be enhanced or hindered during certain climates and seasonal weather events.
Weather conditions also affect gatherables, vehicles, mounts, ships, resistances, targeting, and boss mechanics.
Access to dungeons and raids may also be hindered or blocked by changes in climate.

It is clear to see that the weather system will influence your actual day to day gameplay.
So, let’s dive deep into how the weather system works in Ashes of Creation.

If you have any questions or there is something I didn’t cover, feel free to ask in the comments!

00:00 Intro
00:33 why it’s important
01:21 Biomes
01:48 variability
02:21 weather affects economy
04:20 weather affects skills
05:00 climate
05:36 seasons duration
06:22 ending

Ashes of Creation or AoC for short has not yet been released, for more info, check their official wiki!

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  1. i literally give 0 f*ck to these weather change type hype sh*t. we need a mmorpg with decent gameplay – class balance – no p2w shop – proper endgame content – well designed dungeons & battlegrounds – no desync & no lag! WHO CARES IF THERE ARE SNOW ON THE GROUND OR NOT in 2022 unreal engine 5 game… STOP TRYIN TO PROMOTE THIS NONSENSE!


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