Game Guide: Taverns [Ashes of Creation]

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This Game Guide covers Taverns in Ashes of Creation – In this video, we outline taverns and how useful they will be in Ashes of Creation. If you like this ashes of creation game guide outlining what we know then please leave a like and maybe drop a sub. All your support for my videos is appreciated!

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4 thoughts on “Game Guide: Taverns [Ashes of Creation]”

  1. My dream job in ashes is either running a tavern on a busy road or being a ship builder somehow. I haven’t seen anyone talk about it yet since they announced open ocean PVP but I think it would be super fun to become a trade route protector. You just Sail between the continents all day on your large vessel protecting the small vessels with goods from anyone trying to steal etc. dreaming lol

  2. Would be fun to wager magic items play some viking chess, shoot the apple off someones head and make it really funny and pay a psychic storytelling mage to send you to a place with treasure.


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