Game Guide: Housing [Ashes of Creation]

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This Game Guide covers Housing in Ashes of Creation – In this video, we outline the basics of player housing in Ashes of Creation. If you like this ashes of creation game guide outlining what we know then please leave a like and maybe drop a sub. All your support for my videos is appreciated!

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9 thoughts on “Game Guide: Housing [Ashes of Creation]”

  1. Now that Caravans look like they are solidifying, I am now somewhat concerned about Freeholds.

    If I understand, proper processing of materials depends on Freeholds. I don't imagine you can do Animal Husbandry in an apartment or even a manor. This means a functioning economy requires Freeholds.

    As for me, I just hope that once I get there, I won't be locked out of getting an apartment somewhere.

    I imagine doing business with a Freehold, but not owning one myself.

  2. The only reason I enjoyed housing in the past was with archeage and the ability to grow, harvest then make trade packs to take long distances to make money, I hope that will be a part of this game.


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