FuryClaws – Act I – Night Light Sky

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New song from upcoming album “Ashes Of Creation”

FuryClaws Line up:
Aggelos Tsirbas: Guitars, Bass, Drums
Manolis Santzoukidis: Guitar Solo
Spyros Mxs: Keyboards, Piano, Orchestra
Babis Amoiridis: Drums
Babis Parker: Vocals (Routes Of Neptune)
Michalis Latousakis: Vocals/Backing Vocals (Lupe/Onism/Mosquito)
Menia Voulioti: Vocals/Backing Vocals

Images belong to AndrejZT
FuryClaws logos By Maria Tsamadou/Spyros Mxs

Vocals recording at MLPhonetics

Menia Voulioti

All Music rights reserved to FuryClaws
Composer Aggelos Tsirbas
Lyrics By Babis Parker
All Orchestra Piano Keyboards Parts compose & written by Spyros Mxs (Vourligan)
Guitar Solo compose & written By Manolis Santzoukidis (Sonical Mods)
Mix/Mastering By Aggelos Tsirbas


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