Farming GOLD while OFFLINE in Ashes of Creation- Market Stalls & Personal Shops Full Overview

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Gold is a key resource when it comes to any MMO and Ashes of Creation will be no different, there are lots of different ways to make gold but in this video, I’m going to give you the important information about two of these ways. We have the market stalls (which can be used while you are offline so you are constantly making progress) and the personal shops. We’ll jump into how these are affected by Node types, economy, taxes and even PvP because one of these is not a combat-safe zone. I can’t wait to see how the gameplay works for these in Alpha 2.
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4 thoughts on “Farming GOLD while OFFLINE in Ashes of Creation- Market Stalls & Personal Shops Full Overview”

  1. This week we are jumping into personal shops and Stalls that we will see in Ashes of creation let me know what you guys think down below ?
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  2. Can't wait to jump in and try shops, I think player stalls will be excellent for people when they go offline cause they can farm for a bit before logging off and then sell it for gold while they are offline. It'll be perfect for people who work and want to have a good method for progressing while they are offline, can't wait to see how this system progresses.

  3. I really miss player shops with no auction house so i wonder the reason why Ashes is having both and the difference/benefits between using either. I think the modern auction house systems in games are way too utilitarian. I understand why it has become so but for me it takes away the "shopping" experience.


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